Cooling System Repair

There are hundreds of cooling system repair shops in Houston, Texas. But our cooling system repair and flush service are the best. Our technicians perform cooling system flush utilizing the most modern and safest technologies. Elite AutoHaus performs cooling system repair using only the best parts and materials. That is why we are best suited for all your cooling system flush and repair needs in Houston, Texas.

Cooling System Repair in Houston, Texas

Cooling System Flush and Repair

The cooling system is designed to keep your vehicle running at its best without overheating! Houston summer is on its way and you don’t want to find yourself stranded on the highway with an overheating vehicle. Luckily at Elite AutoHaus, you’ll find an experienced staff ready to help you with your cooling system repairs. If you’re looking for a dependable cooling system mechanic in the Houston, TX area, then look no further!

Cooling System Flush and Fill

If you’ve never heard of the term “flush and fill” before, then your vehicle may be way overdue! A coolant flush and fill is a way to keep up with the maintenance of your cooling system. Similar to an oil change, a flush and fill will drain all the old coolant in your car, ridding it of build-up, crud, and dirt, then replace it with fresh, new coolant. Our cooling system services in Houston will also take the time to look over your radiator and engine for an examination.

Cooling System Functions

The main purpose of your cooling system is to prevent your vehicle from overheating, and to keep things, quite literally, “cool”! When antifreeze is being pumped through your engine and radiator, then the circulation works to prevent the normal heat radiating from the engine from damaging your car. Overheating can lead to a number of other issues, and cause significant damage, so proper cooling system repair and coolant flush service is important for the upkeep of your vehicle.

Warning Signs

There are a few warning signs to look for when you believe that your cooling system may need repairs. Overheating is of course an easy one! If you notice that your temperature gauge slowly creeps up getting hotter and hotter as you proceed down the road, then that is a sign that you may need some cooling system maintenance; even if it doesn’t overheat! You should also be cautious of smells. Certain smells, like maple syrup, can indicate a sign of a cooling system repair.

Before your car boils over with heat, head into Elite AutoHaus of Houston for a full cooling system service and repair! A simple cooling system flush is inexpensive, and prevents further damage to your vehicle that can lead to costly repairs. For the best cooling system repair and coolant flush service in the Houston, Texas area, drop by today!