Check Engine Light Diagnostics

When a check engine light turns on or starts flashing, bring your vehicle to Elite AutoHaus of Houston for a free check engine light check diagnosis. We know there are many check engine light shops in Houston, Texas. But the best thing about us, is the fact that our check engine light services and repairs are performed by highly experienced technicians at the most affordable prices in Houston.

Check Engine Light Repair in Houston

Check Engine Light Repair

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, so you’ll want to treat it with special care, especially when driving around the busy streets of Houston, Texas. Elite AutoHaus will be able to help you figure out exactly why your check engine light has come on. Specialized in check engine light repairs, you’ll be happy that you chose our expertise as we have some of the best automotive technicians in the Houston, TX area.

It has happened to all of us; you’re driving along and suddenly your check engine light turns on! Immediately you start to panic, but there a number of reasons why this could happen. Take a look at some of the explanations of your check engine light being on or flashing:

Loose Gas Cap

When your gas cap is loose or broken, it can send a signal to your vehicle letting it know that something is wrong, thus illuminated your check engine light. This may be a bit confusing, but it’s a cheap and easy fix! Your gas cap is meant to seal and protect gas, maintaining proper pressure within the tank.

Faulty Sensors

Something as simply as a loose or faulty sensor can set off the check engine light. Try researching your O2 sensor or Mass Airflow sensor to solve this problem. If left untouched, this could lead to further damage of items, like spark plugs, or the catalytic converter.

Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs may be the root of the problem! If they need to be replaced then you’ll notice poor performance, and a reduction in fuel efficiency.

No matter what the reason is, it’s always important to address your check engine light. Driving around without repairing the check engine light problem can cause further damage to your vehicle, and other parts and features can be effected, thus increasing your automotive repair bill. Don’t ignore your check engine light repair and stop by Elite AutoHaus in Houston, TX today for a free diagnosis!